I’ve been sharing my passion to video game music with others without respite for many years…

Video games are inseparable part of our every-day life. They have become the passion and the way of spending free time for many of us. They have major influence on what we do on a daily basis and constantly inspire us to do amazing things. Every, even the tiniest aspect of the video game production process is extremely important to the entire development therefore, it is not surprising that the role of the composers became very important nowadays.

Despite all that, many very talented composers still need a little push that will help them increase their rank and achieve their dreams. Game Music Artist PR is the place, where I help you not only to spare the precious time but I also really want your career to get into right tracks.

I will adapt to your individual needs, which will allow to define the right steps, that you’d like to undertake to achieve the goal. Not only will I take care of you as a unique brand, but I will also get orders for production of video game soundtracks.

Why working with me is worthwhile? I’ve been sharing my passion to video game music with others without respite for many years, for example on the gamemusic.pl. I have many years of experience, which enabled me to meet people directly connected to the video game music industry. However, the most important fact is that I can organize the promotion of video game music in Poland and in other countries.

If you are a composer that is looking for such a person, or a producer that needs someone suitable to take care of preparing a soundtrack for your game, contact me to arrange the details of our cooperation.

Mariusz Borkowski

Partners about me:

„(…) Mariusz Borkowski is someone fully invested and putting all his heart in the projects he is involved. A great and passionate promoter of video game music, keeping abreast of all developments in the industry. Nothing seems impossible to him and his fervent belief that any, even the most ambitious, visions can be fulfilled.“ – Joanna Pichola. Programme Planning Department. Kraków Festival Bureau